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"The Spider Ferns ...record gleaming, sensual songs that split the difference between triphop and dreamy pop...."Soon Enough" features Kelly’s silky, languid vocals hovering over the pair’s artfully minimalist compositions that deploy keyboards, guitar, and bass. It’s a stripped-down urban sound created in the boonies, designed to give you shivers."

- Dave Segal, The Stranger Seattle 

'—One of the most mesmerizing duos in the history of Seattle Rock.’

"We make music late at night in a converted barn at the base of a small mountain."    


The Spider Ferns create dark, sophisticated electronic pop with heavy downtempo beats and striking, seductive vocals. Their latest release 'Safety' is an intoxicating opium dream —a powerful and entrancing call to ponder the human condition, pulling you into a universe where time and presence dissolve into transcendent beauty. 


Laden with swirling guitars, driving beats and luminous vocals, The Spider Ferns sound recalls the denizens of dark-pop Portishead and Massive Attack, interlaced with post-punk pulses reminiscent of Siouxie And The Banshees and the modern, synth-driven stylings of The XX and Phantogram.  "Their music combines a slick, trip-hop nostalgia with a dreamy Northwest haze; —like if Portishead lived deep in the forests of Washington State." -Decoder Magazine. 

Their signature downtempo grooves and electro shimmer have mesmerized Seattle audiences for years. Now, with a set comprised of mostly new material from a forthcoming LP 'Blossom', they have returned with a turbo-charged pop sensibility and dance grooves that will have the whole room shaking. The addition of dancers and VJ Blazinspace only enhance the dream-like quality of The Spider Ferns’s auditory attack, creating a world in which one can be lost completely, lifted only by the beat. 

With multiple Capitol Hill Block Party performances and a featured set at Bumbershoot on the KEXP stage under their belt, The Spider Ferns continue to expand their reach. They will embark on a west coast tour this fall with stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Oakland, before returning to Europe for an extensive tour in 2019.


The band has shared the stage with national and international notable acts that include Milk & Bone, Methyl Ethel, Chaos Chaos, Erik Blood (Erik Blood, Knife Knights), Ringo Deathstarr, Dengue Fever, Public Service Broadcasting and more.  2017 saw the pair touring the U.K, France and Germany with a return tour scheduled for 2019.  


"If Saturday at the Capitol Hill Block Party was defined by the mountain of local talent that filled the Cha Cha, Sunday could have been most notable for the amount of electronic music that occupied Neumos, including Seattle's The Spider Ferns whose blend of jittery and ghost-like elements proved to be an excellent antidote to the seemingly-blazing summer sun that occupied much of Sunday.  Singer Kelly Fleek was at once enigmatic and bold in her performance, her voice full of volume but her lyrics never quite explaining the evocative scenes she and the band's electronics painted.  A sharp, downtempo contrast to both the big tent EDM that dominated much of the adjacent main stage throughout the weekend and the blistering, sarcasm-damaged punk that seemed to define the festival's local presence at points, The Spider Ferns' silvery swirl stood out on a day —and to be fair, weekend —where electronic music reigned king." 

-Jacob Webb,  







"If you were in space, working on a giant satellite, fusing gears, welding sheets of metal, the giant black expanse of the universe before your eyes, stars dotting the void like diamonds on steroids, you’d want The Spider Ferns in your ears, bumping their skeleton-bone rhythms and piercing-lipstick vocals. It would remind you of fast cars, sharp women and the sort of earth worth coming home to. There’s humor, love and experience in their songs."

- Jake Uitti, The Monarch Review Seattle 

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